Friends and Family Test

From 1st December 2014 it is a contractual requirement that all GP practices undertake the NHS Friends and family Test (FFT).

The FFT is a feedback tool that supports the fundamental principal that people who use NHS services could have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience that can be used to improve services.

The Aims of the Friends and Family Test are:

  • To gather useful feedback from people who use services that can be fed directly to the staff that provide their care, in a simple format, in near time.
  • Identify areas where improvements can be made so practical action can be taken.
  • Inform current and prospective patients about the experiences of those who use the practice services.

Question cards are available in surgery for patients to complete as they attend surgery or patients can go on line at and complete the survey.

The results will be available on NHS Choices Website and we also list a sample of our results below;

If you would like to know more about the FFT please ask one of our receptionists who will be happy to help.

Friends & family March 24

F&F Oct-Dec 19

F&F June-Sept 19

F&F Apr-Jun 2019

F&F Jan-Mar 2019

F&F Oct-December 2018

F&F July September 2018

F&F March June 2018

F&F Jan-March 2018

F&F August 2017

F&F March 2017

F&F June 2017

F&F April 2016

F&F May 2016




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